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NOVEMBER 2020 - Angra Dos Reis

Departures January and February 2023 | 7 days / 6 nights

Paradise and adventure come together! Swim in an emerald sea, with a unique natural setting.
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The best landscapes, islands 365 a posada on the sea and many tours swimming with fish and turtles. 7 days of pleasure at sea and joys among palm trees.




Enero 2023


  • Lunes 2 al Domingo 8

  • Lunes 9 al Domingo 15

  • Lunes 16 al Domingo 22 RESERVADO

  • Lunes 23 al Domingo 29

  • Lunes 30 al Domingo 5 de Febrero

Febrero 2023


  • Lunes 6 al Domingo 12

  • Lunes 13 al Domingo 19


Por pax: USD 790 (siendo 6)

Por pax: USD 840 (siendo 5)

Por pax: USD 890 (siendo 4)

Más 10 % aprox. de gastos de supermercado y combustible, donde cada pax se abastece con lo que quiere consumir en la semana asesorados por el Capitán, luego podrán reabastecerse en Ilha Grande si lo desean.

Todos estos gastos serán por cuenta propia.

Miembros de Aguas Abiertas: 5 % de descuento + Regalo del Capitán

You are going to swim in a unique natural environment in the world, the best proposal in relation to price and quality in Latin America, one of the preferred destinations of European tourism. A tropical paradise made up of 365 islands, many of which we swim through while interacting with different fish and sea turtles, sharing with them their wonderful natural habitat. White sands bathed in a sea of ​​infinite shades of blue and green, cataloged within the best 13 beaches in the world, such as Lopes Mendes.

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I came to swim in Open Water in a safe environment and with professionals with more than 10 years of experience. You can come alone, as a couple or with friends. Our goal is to create a lime of a lot of fun and joy in a comfortable environment enjoying nature. The companions follow us on the embarked crossings and have the following proposals at their disposal (sauna, swimming pool, bicycle, stand paddle, kayaks and snorkel).

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The best thing is that… YOU NEED NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE!
If you have no experience swimming in the sea yet, this is your chance to learn the essential techniques and put them into practice . We teach you, we take care of you and we have fun. Our goal is to travel the world swimming with you!

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We stayed at Pousada JAMANTA, the place where everything is perfect! The attention, the place in front of the sea and the meals make this place a very special place, go ahead and try!

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Live nature, being part of it!
Come swim with us and take a unique experience of its kind!

Destination:   Angra Dos Reis


Departure: Sunday , November 8, 2020


Check In:   Sunday November 8, 2020


Check Out:   Saturday November 14, 2020


Dress Type:   Casual. Comfortable, sporty, slippers, coat for the night.


- Dinner

- Lodging

- Crossings

- Breakfast

- Transfers


- Aerial

- Lunch

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Angra Dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil

Paradise is very close! Angra dos Reis means Ensenada de los Reyes, and its name is due to the fact that it was discovered on Three Kings Day (January 6), 1502 by the Portuguese Gaspar de Lemos, when he and his fleet ran aground on Isla Grande during their mapping mission. the Brazilian coast. Initially populated by the Tamo Indians, it was born with the name of Vila dos Santos Reis Magos (Villa of the Holy Three Kings) and little by little colonist farms dedicated to the production of sugar cane and brandy were established in the area, which they benefited from the labor of slaves from Africa. Over the years the cultivation of coffee also became important and with the discovery of gold in Minas Gerais, Angra dos Reis became one of the most important ports in the Rio de Janeiro region, where ships from all over the world arrived and departed. the world, laden with gold, coffee, sugar and slaves, giving rise to a golden age during the 19th century. With the construction of the D. Pedro II railway in 1884 and the subsequent abolition of slavery, Angra dos Reis falls into a period of decline, where there is only one agriculture for survival and with a population that has been notably reduced. Decades later, in the middle of the 20th century, the city regained momentum thanks to the installation of the Verolme shipyard and in the 1970s with the installation of two nuclear power plants and the Petrobras oil station. Currently, the main source of wealth for Angra dos Reis is its great tourist activity, which was favored by the construction of the Río-Santos highway that facilitated the arrival of visitors. Walking through the streets of the city center, many of them designed in a curved way following the direction of the winds, is a real pleasure. Unfortunately, most of the colonial buildings have not stood the test of time, but the churches that have been preserved are a sample of the history of the city and its transformations. As for the 365 islands that make up the bay, many of them lack all types of buildings and have the maximum number of visitors allowed per day restricted, resulting in landscapes that remain intact, the same as those seen by the first Portuguese colonizers more than five centuries ago.

About the places where we go swimming:

Ilha do Maia is an island (among the many and small ones) located in the waters of Angra dos Reis, in the State of Rio de Janeiro. It is characterized by its blue and crystalline waters. It is a place that does not have a permanent population, so it offers a unique natural beauty. It was, in colonial times, a military settlement where you can still see watchtowers, some cannons and a small construction from the Portuguese era. It is located just 10 minutes from the city of Angra dos Reis and 160 km from Rio de Janeiro. It is also possible to reach Ilha do Maia by boat, since this island is a point of arrival for cruise ships.

The second largest island of Angra dos Reis has beaches for all tastes. Gipoia Island is 35 minutes away (by boat or schooner) from the central region of Angra dos Reis , in Rio de Janeiro . Once there, there are beaches that attract all kinds of public, those who enjoy sports such as surfing or swimming. Trindade is located in the municipality of Paraty in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro. It is a very quiet villa surrounded by lush nature and beautiful beaches. The “vibe” of the place is more than anything Hippie, where people do not go in search of luxuries, on the contrary, the simplicity and the rustic and relaxed atmosphere are what they will see in Trindade. Entering the town is Praia do Cepilho, where the sea is more rough than the other beaches, which is why it is frequented mainly by Surtfistas. In the place there is a restaurant with good options of dishes and drinks. Next is the Praia de Fora or Dos Ranchos as it is called, it is the main beach, it has a good infrastructure for tourism with several inns, camping, bars and restaurants. At night, mainly in the high season, the beach bars offer music (lots of reggae, samba and forró). The sea is not as rough as Praia do Cepilho.

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