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DECEMBER 2020 - San Clemente

$ 14000 / per person

$ 14000 / per person

from December 5 to 8, 2020 - Issue number 22


- Half board accommodation
- Breakfast buffet
- Climatized pool
- Safe box
- Plasma TV
- Private parking
- White clothes
- Hygiene items
- Room service
- Restaurant Marisqueria "El Asturiano" Dinner with starter, main course and dessert + drink
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- Full time support of the Open Water team




  • Transfer and lodging by OWN ACCOUNT

  • It is recommended to stay at the HOTEL MORALES

  • The INITIAL AND INTERMEDIATE levels must attend with long PINE OR TIDE FINS . 

miramar nuevo valor-25.png
  • Valor por Travesía individual: $12000

To enroll, complete the following steps:

Step 1

Pay the total value by deposit or bank transfer to our Mercado Pago account:

CVU: 0000003100050751619563


Step 2

Complete the medical certificate and the waiver of responsibilities and then attach it to the registration form

Step 3

Complete the following form attaching proof of payment

Atte, Open Water Team.

Cell. 011 3454 1212


Day 1: Hello Sancle, Welcome to the Classic!
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✔ 10.00 am Check in Hotel Morales.

✔ 11.00 am Clothing test (Rent & sale).

✔ 1.30pm Welcome

TECHNICAL TALK No. 1 (Attend ready to swim and beach backpack).

✔ 2.30pm DIAGNOSTIC CROSSING 2k. The first entry to the sea will be part of the test to establish the different levels of swimming for future crossings and an aquatic safety device.

Optional: Pool & relax at the hotel.

✔ 9:00 pm Dinner at El Asturiano Restaurant.

Rest & Free time.

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Day 2: 3 Nautical Miles in Estoa Sea out!
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✔ 08.00 am Buffet Breakfast.

✔ 09.30 am TECHNICAL TALK No. 2

Note: Attend ready to swim and beach backpack.


Detail: We will embark out to sea and to be able to swim almost 5k from the beach, we will make floating islands of safety on the high seas, with our fleet of elements and boats. As you like, play and swim enjoying the sea in its natural state. With us, you Podes!

Afternoon Optional: Pool & relax at the hotel. Beach's day. Shopping walk.

✔ 9:00 pm Dinner at El Asturiano Restaurant. Rest & Free time.

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Day 3: La Nocturna y el Fogón
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✔ 08.00 am Buffet Breakfast. Pool & relax at the hotel. Beach's day. Shopping walk.

✔ 5:00 pm Fire place on the beach.

✔ 18.00hs TECHNICAL TALK No. 3

Note: Attend ready to swim and beach backpack.

✔ 19.00hrs NIGHT CRUISE 1K

Detail: Since 2009 we have made the experience of seeing the city illuminated from within the sea, while playing with the noctilucas or the micro-plankton that generates unique luminescences within the sea. If the moon is with us the scene is complete and we will be part of a true natural wonder at night.

✔ 22.00hs Dinner at El Asturiano Restaurant. Rest & Free time.

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Day 4: TP at sea, what we learned!
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✔ 08.00 am Buffet Breakfast.

✔ 09.30 am TECHNICAL TALK No. 4

Note: Attend ready to swim and with a beach backpack.


Detail: In all the crossings a large amount of content is shared. The group of swimmers will be able to apply them designing their own swimming itinerary, taking care of our lifeguard body but without their leading role.

✔ 1:00 pm Final ceremony & Farewell presents.

Open Water is your home, we are waiting for you again!

Note: This schedule will be adjusted to meteorological and operational factors, being under the good judgment of the organization. It can be modified and informed on site. Transfers and activities on their own will be able to be coordinated according to the group dynamics and also optional activities.


San Clemente del Tuyú, Province of Buenos Aires

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San Clemente is a quiet city, with around 13,000 inhabitants, with a style that will be repeated in most of the other seaside towns of the party, with tall buildings off the coast, some scattered throughout the city, and generally buildings of no more than two or three floors; a shopping center around a few blocks from the sea; and then a quiet middle and lower middle class neighborhood.

San Clemente is the ideal place for "the family", especially with young children. The city has a large number of entertainment and games places for boys and pre-teens. Both on sunny days and on rainy days, fun is guaranteed. The commercial street of San Clemente, parallel to the coast, has a variety of restaurants, pizzerias, bars and confectioneries. There are banks, various businesses, gift shops, clothing stores and hotels at every turn. San Clemente has it all.

Walking a couple of blocks opposite the sea, the tranquility is felt even more, there are several squares where you can take the little ones. The streets are neat and pleasant, and during the year, somewhat desolate in some sectors, which provides immense peace.

The ideal month to get to know this beautiful town is during December, before the arrival of summer tourists, both due to the pleasant climate and the tranquility of the place, which allows us to enjoy and get to know the city in greater depth.

When it comes to sun and sand, the beaches of San Clemente are ideal, its waters are warm and low waves, the wind is moderate, and the afternoons on the beach are a true gift of life for the visitor.

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