Brief history and values

Since 2008 I was able to discover that the swimming hours invested in many swimming pools could be practically capitalized in the natural setting. For this I designed a theoretical material that is easy to understand in order to complement it with the level of swimming of each person. This combined with the organization of trips to different parts of the world where being able to safely implement the contents transmitted at sea was the starting point for a wonderful story full of seas and pleasant swims in contact with nature . With my team of Lifeguards and collaborators we provide the necessary security framework to achieve our goal of achieving independence and safety in open water swimming.

As a pioneer in organizing this type of journey in the Latin American region, I would like to share with you a brief summary of the places visited and the highlights of each journey. Also what was my North and inspiration for the development and execution of the wonderful of entering people into the sea swimming and also being able to share the love of God.

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The Open Water Crossings are the answer to this need with the premise that "If you like swimming, swim in the sea". That is why I say that we are a body of Lifeguards that instead of rescuing people from the sea, more and more people enter the sea to enjoy it safely.

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These are those values ​​that allow us to advance towards the proposed objectives, develop teamwork and grow permanently. Thanks to those who continue to trust us and challenge us for better results.



Del fruto de la boca del hombre se llenará su vientre; se saciará del producto de sus labios.
Proverbios 18:20-21

El hombre se alegra con la respuesta de su boca y la palabra a su tiempo cuan buena es.

Proverbios 15:23

La blanda respuesta quita la ira, mas la palabra áspera hace subir el furor.
Proverbios 15:1


¿Has visto hombre solícito en su trabajo? Delante de los reyes estará.
Proverbios 22:29

El hombre de verdad tendrá muchas bendiciones, mas el que se apresura a enriquecerse no será sin culpa.
Proverbios 28:20

El alma generosa será prosperada, y el que saciare, el también será saciado.
Proverbios 11:25


No hay cosa mejor para el hombre que alegrarse en el día de trabajo, porque esta es su parte.
Eclesiastés 3:22

Si fueres flojo en el día de trabajo, tu fuerza será reducida.
Proverbios 24:10

Instruye al niño en su camino y aún cuando fuere viejo no se apartará

de el.
Proverbios 22:6